Argus Pacific is offering both live online and in-person classes!

Registration prior to class is required and it's easy online. 
If you prefer, call us to register at 206-285-3373.
For more information take a look at our Class Descriptions.

Lead-Based Paint & Lead Hazards in Construction Classes

Argus Pacific is certified by both EPA and Washington State to offer Lead Renovator Training. We also offer WA Lead Inspector and Lead Risk Assessor classes. For worker protection training we offer Lead Hazards in Construction to satisfy OSHA and WA Labor & Industries training requirements, which are very different from EPA and WA Commerce’s requirements for Lead-based paint.

On-Site Custom Classes

We can tailor any of our classes for your company's needs and hold it at your location, ours or sometimes online! Contact us in the yellow "Need More Information" Box with a short description of what you are looking for or questions you have and we'll respond directly.

Asbestos Regulations Manual

We've compiled a comprehensive manual containing all asbestos regulations for EPA, Washington State, and Regional Clean Air Agencies. Free for you to download and reference.

What our students are saying about our live online classes:

"Excellent job with the refresher today! You have a way of keeping folks interested and engaged and via Zoom that is even more significant! I appreciate your effort and skill and experience! "  

"I don’t typically toot too many horns in my old age but doing so to you seems natural. You are hands down the most interesting trainer I have had in my now 37th year of abatement. You carry this electronic class without a slow moment and it seems like you obtain the same or more class participation even as we sit 1500 miles apart. Awesome content, discussions and I love the Zoom option."

"Thank you for your experience and humor."

"Thoroughly enjoyed your class today.  The course content was relevant to our work and I learned a lot by just listening to the other students in training today."

"A great class, I have been taking Haz-mat training since 1985. My Original Haz-Mat training was... as a Haz-mat responder. They (past non-Argus Pacific training) did a great job of scaring the bejesus out of you, but far less to build confidence. This class turned out to be the best Haz- mat refresher/ training event I had. Key benefits:

  • Not only encourages participation form each student, but has a system in place to ensure it.
  • Tailored to met the needs of the employer/student.
  • Specific knowledge of events and History pertaining to (our operation).
  • Excellent instructor knowledge of background on Health and safety acts/ regulations and events related to Haz-Mat response.
  • I am sure each student walked away with more confidence and better/refreshed understanding of their roles and responsibilities."

"Thank you for a great AHERA Project Designer class! I love the real world experience you bring into the discussions and the engaging format available in the Zoom Presentation via the Chat function. I learn something new, or a new perspective, from you every time I take a class. Thank you again for a great class and stimulating discussions."

"As a person who is newer to dealing with dangerous waste and all that goes along with it, I found your class very informative.  You addressed it in bite sized pieces. It was very easy to follow. When taking tech heavy classes, the thing that makes it easy to follow is “HOW” the presenter delivers the message. It is obvious you are passionate about the subject matter and obviously very knowledgeable, but more important to me was that “how” you brought the subject matter to the on-line / in-person venue. Very well done."

"Watching (the instructor) in the zoom format made it seem more personal and didn't have any problem falling asleep or wishing I was somewhere else. With the hands up feature and voting process it kept everyone engaged. My wife got to sit in on a few sessions and learned more about fire safety. I'd never expected that!"

"Today’s training was actually fun since the chat was our classwork and we were graded. The information is still very appropriate, real, and informative. I really enjoyed the lock out /tag out portion since that body of work is completed weekly. The employees were engaged and  interested during the training. Many employees were very appreciative of the training and are grateful for the opportunity to better utilize Zoom. I'm giving the trainer a 10 out of 10!"

"...Best [HAZWOPER] refresher that I have had in 32 years! Excellent on-line management, precision technical expertise, and appreciate the personal touches and just being real. Great job emphasizing physical hazards and unsafe driving; as COVID-19 Safety Officer... I also message these, in the midst of the pandemic, which are often overlooked. Breaking the class into two days is very helpful too. Overall, just amazed to see how far this training has progressed over the years, and how good you guys are at it. Thank you!"

“Great class. Good job managing an online class. Was the best on-line class I have attended”

“Well done, I appreciate the preparation and presentation. It came across as professional, effective and coordinated.”

A Health & Safety manager to their team: “For your consideration – A manager here in the (environmental services) Dept. recently took the Argus Pacific Zoom webinar 8-hour HAZWOPER Refresher Training. He described it as the best HAZWOPER Refresher training he has had in over 15 years…”

“I really liked your class and felt very engaged and didn’t feel like I missed the classroom at all. The ability to answer online actually gives everyone a chance to respond and engage, some folks never speak up in class or some of us just think super-fast and blurt out loud. This way, it allowed people to process at their own pace or even answer incorrectly… The polls were nice too, I really liked seeing the answers”

“I think online refreshers are the way to go! Still had productive conversation and learning moments. The Zoom (webinar) platform worked perfectly, especially not having all the videos up and (having) the chat and Q&A options”

“I learned a good amount of information from the training. Practicing the waste designation, particularly the Washington state toxic calculation. I was having trouble understanding how it worked from the department of ecology site until you explained. I would recommend your training to other people.”