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Workplace Health & Safety Leaders

Our client relationships are built on trust and the value we consistently provide.

When it comes to industrial hygiene, thousands of businesses have turned to Argus Pacific, A Terracon Company for training and consulting. Since 1997 we’ve helped organizations with their health and safety needs. We are a certified provider of OSHA, EPA and DOSH/WISHA regulated training. We offer open enrollment and client-based custom classes in a variety of topics, including asbestos, lead, hazardous waste, HAZWOPER, emergency response, Hazmat transportation, and many others.

Training Classes

Our instructors are renowned for their knowledge, personality, and genuine interest in their students. Whether teaching an open enrollment class at our facility or a custom class on-site at your facility, they make a lasting impression. We continually receive feedback praising our instructors as the primary reason students prefer Argus Pacific, A Terracon Company

We can tailor any of our classes for your company's needs and hold it at your location, ours or sometimes online! Contact us in the yellow "Need More Information" Box with a short description of what you are looking for or questions you have, and we'll respond directly.


We can tailor any training for your needs and hold it at your location or ours and often online! Do you have specific on-site safety & health procedures, work practices or scenarios you need covered? With a deep bench of Terracon subject matter experts, we bring greater value to your training experience by customizing it to your program and policy needs. Contact us in the yellow "Need More Information" box with a description of what you are looking for or questions you have, and we'll respond directly.


Did you know that sometimes Certified Asbestos Workers are not required for abatement work? If your project has "miscellaneous" asbestos-containing materials (ACM) that will remain non-friable (intact) during removal, your workers may only need 8-hour Class II Intact ACM training. We can provide the 8-hour training required and specific to the type of ACM on your project. The OSHA & WA L&I regulations require this training be specific to one type of intact ACM and include hands-on. Our training is conducted in-person at your location, or ours if more convenient for you. In Washington State, L&I accreditation is required for asbestos cement pipe training, and we are accredited! Contact us through the "Need More Information" form if you would like to explore training options that will fit your needs.

Lead-Based Paint & Lead Hazards in Construction Classes

Argus Pacific, A Terracon Company is certified by both the EPA and Washington State to offer Lead Renovator Training. We also offer WA Lead Inspector and Lead Risk Assessor classes on a client-based custom class basis. For worker protection training we offer Lead Hazards in Construction to satisfy OSHA and WA Labor & Industries training requirements, which are different and separate from EPA and WA Commerce’s requirements for Lead-based paint.





Consulting Services

Learn more about all of our industrial hygiene consulting services including asbestos, lead, regulated materials, mold and moisture intrusion,chemical exposure, indoor environmental quality,emergency response, workplace health and safety, and more.